Term & Conditions

Celebrityjacketsforsale.com ensures that each user is exclusively accountable for their conduct related to the business’s operations. To make sure that all of our customers agree to and accept the aforementioned laws and policies when they shop from our online store, we have created certain crucial terms and conditions. Celebrityjacketforsale are a great way to strengthen the relationship between our firm and our clients by showcasing our well-known brand in the fashion sector. By giving our clients the real, high-quality leather that we said them would be available, we have gained the trust of clients all over the world. Our unique Terms and Conditions, which are necessary to advance our brand and business, are enforced for all of our goods and services. By informing you of our moral and legal obligations, our goal is to ensure that the needs of the customers are met in full in order to periodically check and regulate the practices.

Payment Gateways

PayPal accounts and credit cards can be used to pay for the leather jackets. We have accumulated resources to always accept your convenience in order to make every customer’s experience as easy as possible. You can process your credit cards from MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or Western Union if that is possible for you. We also take money orders and wire transfers as forms of payment.

Shipping and Delivery

By offering a wide selection of stylish leather jackets online, we guarantee respectable shipping to make sure that our clients are happy every time they order with us. We have teamed up with the most reputable and best shipping companies, who can handle online orders and placement right away. Our logistical team operates with efficiency, offering prompt support with order fulfilment each and every time. Every product’s shipping cost is determined by your location’s distance from our store. But we don’t impose additional fees for any of our services.

Our customer service agent will verify your order as soon as you place it on our online store and get in touch with you soon after. After the online payment confirms the order, the delivery will be handled. When the order arrives at our clients’ doorstep, our delivery service will make things easier for them. Celebrityjacketforsale processes deliveries in a maximum of 5 to 14 business days. Your order will be shipped out a little bit later if you requested a custom design.


Celebrityjacketforsale bases the pricing of each leather jacket on the quality of the stitching and the elaborate designs that are created by hand and specially tailored to give you a stylish appearance. Our personalized services and goods are designed to constantly make you feel amazing and look great. The cost and quality of the leather are also included in the pricing of each jacket.
Returns and Swaps

Under certain conditions, Celebrityjacketforsale offers a refund and exchange policy. It is necessary for our clients to review the policy prior to submitting a request. In order to provide a positive online buying experience, we typically fulfil your request. Within 30 days after order delivery, consumers must return their orders back to us.

Special Discounts and Offers

We continuously aim to satisfy our clients, which is why we launch special deals. No matter what, Celebrityjacketforsale is always up to something new and inventive. Use of any exclusive codes and deals must occur within the allotted time frame.

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Customer Support Number: +1 (406) 283-5556

Customer Support Email: Info@celebrityjacketsforsale.com